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Transporting your cake


When traveling with your cake, please remember these 3 things:

1. Keep the cake flat, I recommend placing it in the passenger foot well or boot.

2. Drive steady, watch out for those sneaky speed bumps / pot holes!

3. Put the air con on, or open windows to keep your car cool. Also keep it out of direct sunlight.




Buttercream cakes & cakes containing fresh fruit need to be stored in the fridge, alternatively in a cold room/ car in winter. I recommend removing from the refrigerator about an hour before serving to make it optimum temperature for eating.​

Once the product is out of my hands I can no longer accept any responsibility for it.


Ordering your cake


To secure your booking in my diary I require a 50% deposit. This is non refundable.

The remaining payment is due before you collect your cake.




Ve-Bakes takes allergies very seriously. Please make any allergies/ intolerances known to me when making an order.

Ve-Bakes bakery handles GLUTEN, SOYA, SULPHITES.

Ve-Bakes does not handle other allergens directly in the bakery, however there is a cross contamination risk of other allergens due to the manufacturing methods of products that I use. Ve-Bakes products are therefore not suitable for someone with an allergy.


Food colourings


Many of Ve-Bakes products contain food colouring. Some food colourings may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Please request further information if you wish.


Non edible structures / decoration


Some cakes will have dowels inside the cake and cake boards between tiers. Some bakes will be decorated with non edible toppings / cake toppers. All of this will be made clear on the cake box. Instructions for dismantling are provided with wedding cakes.


Thank you

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